Nana Minnie


Minnie’s Rooms is named after my Nana… Mary Budge MacGregor (also known as Minnie)

Mary was born in 1910  and brought up in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. Her parents were given £100 by the Chief of the Castle to run the Dunvegan Hotel with one condition that it did not serve alcohol. The temperance movement was strong at the time. They ran the Hotel for many years and this is where Minnie and her brothers were raised.

Minnie went to Atholl Crescent Domestic Science School in Edinburgh and later married Duncan MacGregor and they both ran the Atholl House Hotel in Dunvegan. Duncan drove local buses and did Island Tours. When Duncan died suddenly Minnie moved across the road in the 1960’s and built a house on her Croft beside the shore in Dunvegan where she ran a successful B&B for many years. She was a natural host who loved to cook and entertain guests. Her door was alway open except when the Rugby was on, when she would lock the door and no one would be allowed in.


I was very lucky to inherit the Croft and after running a Childminding business for 15 yrs from the house I decided to change and  follow in Minnie’s footsteps and run a B&B.